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Type: Sheet, Pillowcase & Duvet Cover Sets
Material: 100% Silk
Application Size: 1.5m (5 feet)
Application Size: 1.8m (6 feet)
Application Size: 2.0m (6.6 feet)
Application Size: 2.2m (7 feet)
Application Size: 2.5m (8 feet)
Thread Count: ≥600s
Fabric Count: 80
Quantity: 4 pcs
Fabric Density: 200 * 200

  • Do not put your silk in the washing machine (Dry Clean & Hand-wash Only).
  • To hand-wash, place your silk in cold water with a mild Silk-friendly detergent.
  • Leave to soak (No more than 5 minutes).
  • Swish silk slowly and gently (Do not squeeze, twist or rub your Silk).
  • Rinse with fresh cold water.
  • To help keep your silk hydrated, use a fabric conditioner in the final rinse (No more than 5 minutes).
  • Rinse well in cold water.
  • To remove excess moisture ball your silk together (wringing your silk will damage its fibres), lay it flat and roll it in a towel to absorb any lingering moisture.
  • Lay flat to dry (Never put your silk in a dryer or expose to direct sunlight).
  • Set the iron to low heat or silk setting.
  • Iron your silk only once its dry and be sure to put a cloth between your silk and the iron.
  • Do not spray or wet your silk while ironing, you may get water-stains.
  • To avoid ironing, store your silk by hanging it in a cool dry place - silk creases, so do not fold or leave it bunched up for long. If storing your silk for a long period of time, make sure it’s clean and stored in a breathable fabric.
  • Store your silk away from the sun to avoid fading of colours and weakening of fibre. Silk is a protein, this means it can attract moths, so if you add a natural moth repellent into the bag or storage your silk will be sure to thank you

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